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The #new Hello Fab collection came to my doorstep 3 weeks ago and I've been playing and wearing it NON STOP! 

And as you may already know... YES ! I LOVE this collection. Specially the Skin Tints, so that's why I'm just gonna jump straight into this review and tell you everything you need to know about First Aid Beauty New MAKEUP LINE ! 

Triple Protection Skin Tints: 

These little guys have an incredibly lightweight texture. They provide light coverage that can be easily build up to a medium and still feel completely weightless and natural on the skin. 

WHAT IT DOES? This skin tint evens out my skin tone, conceals imperfections, and create a flawless NATURAL look. The added benefit ? It contains SPF 30 so it gives my skin an extra layer of protection from the sun and it also helps protect the skin from pollutants and free radicals. 

Natural Makeup plus skincare benefits ... YES PLEASE! 

GOOD FOR? ANY skin type. I have normal to dry skin but, personally I think this is good for any skin type and anyone who wants to archive a natural makeup look. 

THE FINISH? It dries to a beautiful velvety finish. Not dewy, not matte or flat, just the perfect in between. And it lasts well through out the day (considering this is not a long wearing nor matte foundation). 

SHADE RANGE? well I think it's quite limited because it only comes in 4 shades. FAIR, LIGHT, MEDUIM and TAN. But ...  on the other hand since this tint is so natural looking you can choose the closest match to your skin and definitely make it work. 


WHAT I LOVE? First the cute colorful packaging ! Yes, yes it's exactly like the Glossier one but these two couldn't be more different formula wise. This feels completely lightweight on the skin and it blends effortlessly leaving my skin perfected with a beautiful NATURAL look. I love to use it on days when I'm not wearing much makeup but I want my skin to look even toned and fresh. 

Application is also incredibly easy because I simply use my fingers. It sets pretty quickly so I just use a little powder on top and be out the door feeling confident about my skin. 

FINAL THOUGHTS: I wouldn't use this in place of my regular high coverage foundations because even tho this tint can be built up close to a medium coverage the end result is always going to be a more natural and slightly sheer coverage.  Personally this is great for me, since I work from home and most times I just want to use something quick, natural and effortless looking. And this tint fits that description exactly.  SHOP IT HERE ! Sephora Exclusive.

Now let's talk about the Mango Butter Baton Multi Sticks ! 

These are basically NATURAL, beautiful highlighters in a cream to powder formula. 

  1. Champagne: Is a Universally flattering shade with a warmer champagne and slight golden sheen. 
  2. Rose: This one works beautifully as a blush and a highlighter. It reminds me a lot of NARS orgasm because it's a beautiful peachy/pink with golden shimmer. 
  3. Moonlight: This is the newest addition to the collection,  launching in October.  The first time I use it, I immediately thought about Unicorns! This gives my skin a beautiful, MAGICAL lilac sheen. If you swatch this on your hand, you won't get as much pay off. Use it directly on your nose and cheeks and you'll fall in love. This leans more on the cooler side of the spectrum making it perfect for lighter skin tones and winter makeup. My trick?  I love mixing Champagne and Moonlight to get the perfect mix between a warmer and an icy highlighter. 


CONS: These don't last long on my skin. The formula says is a cream to powder but I think for the most part they stay as a cream on the skin and since these are very buttery as the name suggests, they tend to fade much quicker that other cream highlighters I own. 

PROS: The small packaging is so handy and lightweight you can easily carry these around and touch up through a day if needed. SHOP IT HERE

Overall I highly suggest this collection to all my natural makeup lovers. It's effective, easy to use and it gives my skin that effortless look I'm always looking for. Well done First Aid Beauty, I'm in LOVE! (Triple Protection Skin Tint) SHOP IT HERE !  (Mango Butter Multi Stick)  SHOP IT HERE!