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After testing 5 HUM NUTRITION products for almost 10 months I’m  ready to give you guys a detail review of my absolute must try and tell you about the ones that didn’t work for me. 

COLLAGEN LOVE:  Supports skin elasticity and firmness.

WHY I LOVE IT:  Easy ... by the end of last winter my skin looked  dull, dehydrated and nothing seemed to cure the constant tight feeling. I try to use all the oils and emollient creams I had on my skincare stash but nothing helped. 

I started taking Collagen Love and a week later  the tight/drying feeling went away. I definitely notice my skin looked bouncier and plumped ... sort of a bit younger. 

One thing to keep in mind with collagen love, is that you will see noticeable results only closer to the end of the first bottle and the beginning of the second one. My Dryness went away on the first week but the others results took a bit longer to show up.  SHOP IT HERE !

Key Ingredients:

  • Collagen Peptide: boosts collagen levels to firm and tone
  • Chondroitin Sulfate: hydrates to smooth and soften skin
  • Hyaluronic Acid: retains moisture to reduce wrinkle depth

DAILY CLEANSE: A-vitamin  supplement that helps clear the skin and body from toxins. 

WHY I LOVE IT? : If you read most of the Sephora reviews  you’ll see Daily Cleanse will definitely help with breakouts and acne prone skin. 

Personally I do not suffer from any breakouts because Im currently on “the pill” and mine, specifically controls hormonal acne. So no, no breakouts going on around here. 

Anyways ... From the first day I took Daily Cleanse I saw results ! I have a very lazy digestive system and two pills once a day are  enough to keep my tummy schedule working like a clock . Every single morning, as soon as I wake up I’m in the bathroom. Toxins are drained, I feel lighter and definitely more energized throughout the day.

 I can totally tell my whole system is working better. I feel less tired and my body is working like it always should have. SHOP IT HERE!

Key Ingredients:

  • Organic Algae: acts like a magnet for toxins that filters out harmful pathogen
  • Beetroot: stimulates bloodflow and stamina to help push out toxins
  • Red Clover: purifies blood and cleanses your body
  • Selenium: rids the body of harmful metals

TURN BACK TIME:  Help protects your cells from sun damage, stress and pollution. 

I bought these because I’m constantly outdoors. I run a lot outside and I also went back to surfing this summer so my skin really needed that extra protection from free radicals. 

Honestly ... I didn’t saw any noticeable results or any difference on my skin. I was patience and used two bottles back to back without noticing any difference. I’m juts not going to repurchase this ones. SHOP IT HERE !

RAW BEAUTY GREEN SUPERFOOD POWDER: Improves energy, supports radiant skin and boost metabolism.

I’m a green juice lover so I use this Superfood Powder as a boost of my daily nutrition intake. I LOVE the coconut flavor because let’s face it; Most green superfood powders taste horrible but this one actually tastes really, really good. 

WHY I LOVE IT?  Easy .... if I mix a scoop of this powder into my morning green juice I honestly do not crave  sweets and unhealthy snacks. It definitely has the power to curve my cravings. And by that I mean I look for fresher, healthier options throughout the day. which is GREAT! Plus I just really like the taste so I find myself craving it every single morning. 

And off course I’m gonna repurchase it. SHOP IT HERE !

Key Ingredients: alkalizing greens, detoxifying and energizing herbs. Fruits, vegetables, enzymes and probiotics

SKYNNY BIRD:  Boosts metabolism and curbs cravings to prevent over eating. 

Ok so here’s the deal ... I’m incredibly sensitive to any Ingredients that’s design to boost my metabolism. Including any type of caffeine. In fact I just drink decaf coffee every day because a regular cup of coffee makes me feel nauseous and often gives me heart palpitations. Yes... unfortunately that’s how sensitive I am but since HUM Nutrition products lean on the healthy side and not chemically I decided to give them a try ! 

MY EXPERIENCE: Not good, I didn’t see much difference on my  appetite but I indeed experienced insomnia and there for I started feeling stress and anxious.  I took them for two weeks, 3 times a day but  unfortunately the side effects where much more stronger than the benefits so I stop taking them and didn’t even finish the bottle. 

I think I’m one of those people that’s incredibly sensitive to the side effects of this type of pills. I’m not defending HUM ... I just know for my personal experiences that this type of products ALWAYS have a strong impact on my sleeping routine and my heart rate.  And if my sleep is messed up then my whole systems stresses and shouts down. So no, I won’t repurchase these but I think these could be a great option for anyone thats trying to control their cravings and for people that can have a regular coffee without feeling awful heart palpitations. Which let’s face it ... most people can, I’m just the weirdo here. SHOP IT HERE! 


I’m Definitely a big fan of HUM Beauty! I think their Vitamin approach is pretty innovative and easy to use. You take quick test online and in just a few minutes the system with the support of a real nutritionist guides you to the vitamins that are right for you. Off course you can also pick and choose the ones you like. 

Every bottle comes with simple explanation of how you should take them: Quantity, what time of  the day, and how many you should take. 

 I LOVE the packaging, love the tittles on their bottles and I can definitely say I've see noticeable results. Collagen Love, Daily cleanse and the Raw Superfood Powder are now a staple on my daily routine.  That’s all!