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1. Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof:

First impression :( ... I didn't like this at all. 

WHY? Well, the first time I try it,  the brush was completely saturated with product so, I had to spend a few seconds taking off the excess and making sure I wasn't going to put too much product on my lashes. Second ... the formula was very wet.  I blinked once or twice and my whole eyelid was covered in little black dots. (I had to wait for them to dry and clean them out) . The whole process felt a bit too complicated so I decided to put it away and went back to my usual drugstore mascara. But then, I notice my lashes didn't look as good as they did with the Better Than Sex ... so two weeks later I pull it out and give it another chance! And TA-DA!!! The result ? Amazing voluminous and curled lashes. I guess it worked better the second time around because the formula was a bit dryer, so I had way more control and less product sticking onto my eyelids. 

WHY IS THIS MASCARA MY #1? Well I have big lashes to begin with but they are very, really and truly hard to curl. This mascara basically got rid of the problem. It is by far the most voluminous and effective mascara to hold the curl. 

Before; I had to use my eyelash curler 5 times a day... (no kidding) I mean it's ALWAYS inside my makeup bag. That's how much I use it. But after putting this mascara to the test I curl them once before mascara, another time after and I'm good to go. Tons of volume, no smudging and a long lasting curl. Love it.

Oh! One thing you have to keep in mind. This is not and easy, quick, everyday mascara. I definitely had to work a bit more with it, BUT the end result is so good, is completely worth it. SHOP IT HERE

2. Lipstick Queen Lipstick in "Frog Prince" : This super cute green lipstick works with your own chemistry to deliver the most beautiful pink/mauve shade to your lips.

WHAT I LOVE? How easy, hydrating and long lasting this formula is. Oh! And it's actually buildable. Just simply use a small layer to get a soft pink or layer it out to get a darker fuchsia look. A beautiful hydrating,  long lasting stain! SHOP IT HERE

3. L'Oréal Lumi Cushion Foundation: Talked about this before and I'm gonna talk about it AGAIN!. Got this at the beginning of summer, use quite a few times and felt in love with the natural finish. But, I also notice it didn't performed so well on higher temperatures and humidity. 

So, now that the weather it's a bit colder I took it out and felt in love with it all over again. 

WHY I LOVE IT? Well it's easy to travel with, it's compact and it leaves my skin with a beautiful subtle glow. Keep in mind the formula is very natural! It's actually the most natural and light coverage foundation I own.

 If your looking for an easy natural everyday foundation, if you have normal to dry and even combination and if you don't leave in a very hot humid place ... this might be the right foundation for you. Glowy, natural skin is back! SHOP IT HERE

4. First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Illuminating Moisturizer: I did a whole blog post about this amazing moisturizer (Find the link HERE) but basically, I use it right before I apply my primer to give my skin that beautiful, natural, healthy glow I'm always looking for. It Looks amazing under any foundation and it doesn't disrupt the longevity or wear of it. Which one of my biggest pet peeve when it comes to layering glowing products. 

THE SHADE? A universally flattering pearly/pink with soft champagne flexs.

If you are looking for a new product to add a bit more glow and Radiance to your complexion without looking oily, this is the right product. Everyone from dry skin types to oily would LOVE this moisturizer. and i personally think the shade is perfection. 

Oh! One thing I didn't like is the cute little white brush. I find a lot of product gets trap on the bristles, dries out and the balls up. My solution: cutting it off! Now I can finally control how much product comes out, I don't waste any product and I don't have that annoying dried product mixed with my freshly squeeze one. SHOP IT HERE

5. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo: Found a more expensive alternative to my beloved batiste.

WHY I LOVE IT: Because is way less powdery. Usually because my hair is blond I really don't mind the white powder cast. But, when my hair is very, very dirty and I need to make it look descent ... this dry shampoo does a better job than my beloved batiste. I usually don't push my hair to that dirty state too often but ... let's face it. We all have those moments where the only alternative is spraying a dry shampoo and be out the door. And this one saves the day in those extreme occasions. It is not complete clear but it definitely feels less powdery and chalky on my hair, which ultimately translates into a cleaner feeling when I use it. 

The scent? clean and refreshing. Nothing strong or overpowering. SHOP IT HERE

6. MDSolarScience Mineral Creme broad spectrum SPF 50: If you don't use sunscreen because you don't like the feel or texture of most sunscreens look no further... This is by far the most barely there, velvety texture on any sunscreen I have tried. And trust me, I have tried a lot . 

WHY I LOVE IT? Because is a lightweight and silky-smooth formula that blends seamlessly on the skin. This beautiful creme actually acts and feels like a primer,  blurring fine lines and wrinkles. It is a pleasure to use! which, lets face it ... most people do not enjoy using sunscreen. 

THE FINISH? matte yet velvety smooth to the touch. Seriously .... if you struggle with the texture of most sunscreens you have to give this a GO. It feel completely different than any other SPF. Highly recommended! SHOP IT HERE