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Sometimes when you LOVE and use something on a daily basis, you just simply forget to spread the word. Well, maybe that's what happen to me. So today I'm going full force telling you guys why these 3 products are my holy grail, can't live without from Dr. Dennis Gross.

Let's get started !

1. Alpha Beta Peel Extra Strength Pads: I discover these pads almost 3 years ago on the Sephora checkout line. Use them once and I was hooked for life.

Usually, I use these as a weekly treatment or when I need my skin to look its best. (Basically any special occasions).  I prefer using them on the evenings to get rid of all my dead skin and allow my skincare to penetrate deeper an be more effective through out the night.  But, If you need your makeup and skin to look flawless, these work great in the morning too. (Just make sure you use at least SPF 30 to protect your skin)

HOW DO THEY WORK?  These little pads contain 7 types of acids (lactic, cytric, mandelic, glycolic, malic, salycilic acids and willowbark extract)

- Glycolic Acid: targets signs of aging.

-Salicylic Acid: Reduces blackheads and supports natural collagen.

-Mandelic Acid: Targets anti-aging as well but it also soothes and combats irritation on the skin.

-Lactic Acid: Perhaps my favorite acid, exfoliates the skin on a deeper level, supporting natural cell renewal. (This is the one that leaves the beautiful glow)

One thing you have to keep in mind is that this pads contain two steps,  so you'll definitely need at least 15 min to complete the whole process. On dry clean skin, work step 1 all over the face until the pad is completely dry. Then, wait two minutes to allow the ingredients to work and follow with step two. First step has all the acids, second step has the soothing (Anti-aging) properties and the neutralizer to avoid irritation. 

WHAT I LOVE? How incredibly effective this pads are. Every single time I use them my skin feels brand new... Like baby skin! It's glowy, healthy and radiant. I always compare this to a professional microdermabrasion. YES... These are that good! SHOP IT HERE!

2. Firming Peptide Milk: This milk was design as a second step on the alpha beta spa peels but it was such a hit that we; the customers, requested these milk to be sold alone. And Dr Dennis Gross listen !

WHAT IT DOES?  This milk is design to deeply nourish and soothe thirsty, overworked skin. It's packed with collagen amino acids, and ceramides, to visibly firm and tighten. I personally haven't seen a big difference in the tightening effect (only because my skin is still tight, luckily) but the plumping and hydration effect is AMAZING.

WHAT I LOVE? How luminous and smooth this milk makes my skin feel after using the peel pads. It acts like a shoot of hydration... It soothes and plumps my skin immediately. I call this "the instant green juice effect". This milk is light and comforting. Is just one of those products you use and go " Ahhh" total pleasure. Highly recommend for mature, normal, dry and dehydrated skins. SHOP IT HERE!

3. Clinical Concentrate Hydration Booster: This is the perfect multitasker EVERYONE needs in their skincare cabinet.

WHY? Because ANY skin type will benefit from the boost of hydration this water gives. Oily and combination gals will love it because it feels like water on the skin, is not heavy, not oily and it sinks right in boosting and plumping the skin with hydration. Dry, normal and dehydrated skin types will find it amazing, as a first step to hump up the moisture levels on their skins .

HOW IT WORKS? This serum/water contains contains hyaluronic acid, watermelon extract, and centella asiatica, to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can use it as your regular serum or mixed in with other skincare products to prolog hydration.

WHAT I LOVE ? How weightless it feels on my skin. I even use this on top of makeup pressing it gently with my palms to bring my skin back to life. It is an amazing multitasker that I can use it all year long to keep my skin hydrated. Completely in love and highly recommended for any age and any skin type! SHOP IT HERE!