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Let me just give a quick intro to the word MultiMisting ... which basically means layering different mists on top of each other to easily address your skin necessities.

Now let's dive into a little review of each mist, my general thoughts and how I use them on my daily routine. 

Let's do this !!!

1. GLOW MIST (Propolis & Argan oil): This is perhaps the most popular mist from the bunch, and I can definitely see why. It contains 13 natural essential oils that create a beautiful radiant, dewy effect on the skin. To be honest ... I thought this was going to be a bit greasy or maybe even sticky (you can clearly see a thin layer of argan oil at the top) But just give It a good shake to mix all the ingredients and you'll end up with supple, radiant and definitely GLOWING skin. 

Suitable for Combination to dry skin types (NOT OILY). Great for normal to dry skins on summer and perfect for maybe all skin types on winter time since this adds a fine layer of hydration and glow. Personally I'll keep this glow mist for the winter months because I find it's a bit too much for my skin on summer or hot humid weather. SHOP IT HERE ! 

2. HYDRATING MILKY MIST (Hyaluronic Acid & Black Oat) : Now this one is a total treat ! Mine came with the finest mist I have ever tried. It's milky, it's light and it completely soothes and calms my skin.  I love to use as soon as I'm out of the shower and as the last layer of skincare before I put on makeup. 

Suitable for all skin types from oily to dry and sensitive if your looking to boost and lock hydration on the skin. SHOP IT HERE !

3. VITAMIN WAKEUP MIST (Orange Blossom & Citrus Extracts): Where do I begin? EASY... This is my favorite one!. 

It feels light, refreshing and incredibly energizing on the skin. This is the first thing I use in the mornings and it really helps to awake not only my skin but even my mind. The scent is addictive! A mix between sweet orange blossom, and citrusy fruit extracts that feel incredibly refreshing. 

Is the perfect pick me up treat when you're sitting in front of the computer or when you just want to take an afternoon nap at the office ;). 

Suitable for all skin types all year long. SHOP IT HERE !

4. MAKEUP FIXING MIST (Rose water & green tea) :  This Mist is meant to be used as your last step on your makeup routine. 

Is light, it has a lovely, lovely rose water scent and it does a great job at setting my makeup. Personally, I'm not a big user of makeup setting sprays because I just don't wear that much makeup but... this is definitely a great option. It locks everything in place while it refreshes the skin. SHOP IT HERE!

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE:  Not all the bottles spray the same... and by that, I mean I had one with the most lovely dreamy mist I could ask for. Two with a descent spray and one that was or is completely TERRIBLE ! We all know the actual spray mechanism is as important as what's inside because if you end up with your face completely wet, trustme ... you won't end up using that mist again. 

My final thoughts ... I LOVE THEM! Highly recommended.