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If you're already eating organically, recycling regularly and using eco friendly products around your home then your more than ready to take the plunge into "Natural Beauty".

Whether you looking for organic skincare, 100% Natural or maybe just paraben free, these are three amazing products that I have tried, test and LOVE!

So let's do this!

UMA Absolute Anti-Aging Face Oil: The philosophy behind this brand "Simplicity, integrity, and equilibrium" that's why UMA oils are made with the purest and most powerful botanicals making their products truly luxurious and completely pure.

In a few words these are Artisanal, hand crafted oils with unparalleled purity that deliver therapeutic benefits and visible results.  What else can you ask for...

MY THOUGHTS: Well you might already know I'm a big fan of oils and this one is a pretty special one. Texture wise this oil is light, aery and botanical ... Weird way to describe it but as soon as you open it, the natural scents of the Neroli, Frankincense, Rose and Sandalwood (just to name a few) come to live. For me, the scent was a bit over powering at first. But now, the more I use it the more I seem to enjoy it. This botanical mixture not only soothes my skin but even my mind... It's a whole therapeutic experience.

THE RESULTS: Without a doubt from all the oils I own,  this is the one that delivers an immediate glow! The frankincense oil balances the PH and promotes cell turnover making it ideal for every skin type. Vitamin C oil targets fine lines and discoloration and sandalwood neutralizes inflammation for softer, brighter skin. One thing I personally love is the Glow factor off course, but also how bouncy and elastic my skin seems to look when I use it. 

An overall amazing oil that targets most aging concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, hydration... etc.

FORMULATED WITHOUT: Synthetic fragrances and emulsifiers, preservatives, parabens, GMO and mineral oils. Tested on real woman, NOT animals.


RAHUA RAINFOREST SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER : I stumble upon this amazing brand thank to my NY hair stylist Mauricio Hair Studio which only uses organic hair products.

Rahua is an Organic, 100% Natural brand that uses  Amazonian oils. The secret lays behind the Quechua-Shuar woman. A tribe that uses Rahua, Sacha inchi, Ungurahua and Buriti oils to protect and grow beautiful, healthy strands.

MY THOUGHTS: True love for these two products, specially the conditioner. They both have pretty earthy natural scent (Palo Santo) but the true star is the Rahua oil in them. This super fine molecule is able to penetrate into the hair and repair it from the core to the cuticle. Bonding and repairing every single strand.

The super lightweight whipped texture can be used or it's basically meant to be use not only from your ears down but also on irritated scalps ... and let me just say it completely soothes and invigorates my hair without adding any oil or residue to my already oily scalp. Having my blonde hair colored every 5 months approximately made me a  slave of purple shampoos, which most of the time leave my scalp pretty dry and irritated. Well, not any more because this conditioner got ride of the problem. My hair feels healthier and incredibly soft.  The shampoo in my opinions acts more like a clarifying shampoo. I use it once a week to completely but gently clean my hair and start off fresh. My hair feels clean and also looks really really SHINY. Like... truly, healthy shiny!

FORMULATED WITHOUT: Parebens and Sulfates, 100% Natural, Organic, Vegan , Gluten Free.

ARYA BOTANICAL CLEANSER: Another amazing natural brand from India that creates her beauty products according to AYURVEDA (a form of medicine that is archived by the true Union of Mind, Body and Spirit).  A pretty cool philosophy in my opinion :).

MY THOUGHTS: One of the most effective and gentle oil cleanser I have tried. The texture is a bit thicker and richer which I honestly LOVE... (It may lack a bit of slip to it) but overall the luxurious texture is just incredibly soothing and nourishing to my skin.

Formulated with turmeric and lavender this oil gently exfoliates the skin and lifts away impurities. It's meant to be use on dry skin to activate the ingredients, then add water to emulsify and finally turn it into a lovely creamy milk. Personally  I prefer using a damp cloth to remove any possible residue as the consistency as I mention before is a bit thicker. The scent, a lovely fresh botanical smell that doesn't linger on the skin and the packaging, a beautiful clear glass bottle with a pump.  

FORMULATED WITHOUT: Any parabens, GMOs, sulfates, mineral oils, synthetic dyes, artificial fragrances, gluten or fillers. Not tested on animals.

Overall my skin and hair seem to LOVE these Natural and definitely luxurious products ! I highly recommend all of them for any skin type, or age.

One thing we cannot forget about these days ... Is not only about what's in the product, but also about what's not In the product! right? #CleanBeauty