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Best Brightening combo from KORRES !

Acne SCARS, uneven skin-tone or Sun spots ??? Grab a cup of coffee or tea because this (super long) review is for you !


2 years ago I started drinking a whey protein shake to gain a bit of muscle ... Yes, I gain muscle and toned my whole body but I also gain painful cystic acne all over my jaw line and neck . It took me around 4 months to figure out what was causing such an aggressive reaction.  So, in the meantime my skin develop awful and deep purple acne scars that seem to get worse by the day.


Getting rid of the whey protein off course and using this miraculous  "Wild Rose + Vitamin C Brightening Sleeping Face Mask " as a spot treatment. Basically I just cleanse my skin at night and use this as my first step. I dotted on every single acne mark and massaged in until it was completely absorbed. Then I use my regular serum, moisturizer ... Etc. and when I was about to go to bed I use a bigger amount and dotted again but this time I just left the cream visible sitting on top of the scar. I'm not kidding when I say I saw results OVERNIGHT And the best part is that this didn't irritated or peeled my skin. It actually calm everything down and completely brighten those pesky painful acne marks.

Now I'm acne freeπŸ™ (thanks to birth control pills) and my scars are completely GONE. But I keep using this face mask as an overnight treatment to reduce sun spots and keep my skin in a healthy RADIANT & BRIGHTER state.

THE OIL πŸ‘† : Recently I started using @korresusa Newest addition to the Wild rose line & Immediately felt in LOVE.


This oil is infused with real Wild Rose Petals and boost with Super C (An Stabilized version of vitamin C that increases skin absorption of ascorbic by 1000%) . Camapu, Bisabolo and Ginger Extract protect the skin againstenvironmental and inflammatory aging. It Boost collagen, reduce fine lines & increase elasticity. Oh and off course it totallyBRIGHTENS but specially SOFTENS the skin. This silky oil absorbs so easily I can even use it in the morning mixed in with my foundation. A TOTAL MUST for EVERY skin type, age or anyone who wants RADIANT looking skin